Catherine M. Zito, CEO
Business executive and national speaker Catherine shares 24 years experience in business development, customer relations, marketing strategies. Catherine leads her team with passion in areas of SEM, SEO and CRM. Clients inc. U.S. agriculture operations, processors, manufacturers, retailers, Arturo Fuente Cigars, Arnold Palmer Golf Management, Boca Brand Hotels, Queens County Bar Association NY, AttenuTech Medical, Resort at Longboat Key Club, Florida Bar Assoc., Avila Golf and Country Club, private attorneys and hospitality businesses. For 20+ years her philanthropy efforts inc. Children’s Cancer Center, Compassion International, Easter Seals, Abilities Veterans Foundation, United Way, Big Brothers Big Sisters, W.C. Fire Officers, Art Councils and Film Festivals.

Rick Trojan III, Manufacturing
Processing and manufacture consultant, Rick Trojan is a co-owner in three of the largest USDA organic farms in the U.S. With multiple licenses, Rick’s team is nationally recognized for high-quality pharmaceutical grade products. Rick assists our clients in operations, product development, build out and local employee training programs. Rick is an advisor to a National Association and board member of an Industrial Research Foundation.

Ellis Smith, Business Development

Ellis and the ACC team assist our clients when it matters the most. Services include state license application assistance, operation plans, financial pro-forma, quality assurance plans and building design.

Mark Hashim, M.D. Product Quality / Education
Dr. Hashim is Board Certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties. With 23 years in pain management, Dr. Hashim assists in product quality and community education.

John Correnti, Financial
Financial advisor and accountant, John Correnti of MVP Financials assists to protect private and public investments, ROI and company structure. John is an SEC-registered investment advisor and has experience in securities, capital ventures and holding companies.

Irwin Barnes, Attorney / Advisory Board Member
Past Deputy General Counsel at Fidelity Investments and Senior VP of intellectual property and technology law, we are honored to have Irwin on our team. Irwin assists in business development, policy and intellectual property. Education: Harvard Law School, Yale University.

Wayne S. Bell, Analytics
Gulf War Veteran, Wayne is a leading edge professional in the complex arena of analytics. He assists our team in sale metric systems, quality planning, employee training, payment processing and responsive customer service and tracking systems.

Vincent Volpi, Security
Working with ITT, Equifax and the Insurance Crime Prevention Institute, Vincent served as a Secret Service Officer in Ohio’s prosecuting attorney’s office. Pica Security assists with employee and community safety protocols, loss prevention, officers, camera surveillance, compliancy, crisis management, monitoring, inventory control and software integration from seed to patient.

Zach Scott, Security
Former Sheriff of Ohio’s Franklin County of six years, Zach Scott’ law enforcement career spanned more than 30 years. He leads programs such as enterprise risk, cyber security and international trade.

Mark Slaugh, Compliance
With 15 years experience in high level comprehensive compliancy, Mark and his team assist us with economic development, diversity, best practices, safety policies, education, operational integrity, quality assurance, facility SOP and management training.

Garren Glachman, Alex Salazar, App Developers
Fast and accurate communication is key in business today. Garren and Alex of Peak Communications assist in app development. Services include up to the minute notifications, easy and quick product ordering, shipment tracking, new product updates and loyalty programs.

Robert J. Pruchnicki, Design and Build Consultant

BPI Certified Building Analyst, Robert and his team assist in commercial construction and real estate zoning. Clients: Coca Cola Bottling Company, Charter Bank One, On Spex Lab, Towne Centers, Cleveland Pump, and 40 subdivisions in three cities.

Barbara Southworth, Surety Bonds

Since 2012 Southworth Insurance have been one of the top surety bond brokers in the most unique markets. Barbara assists in the entire bond process plus meeting state’s criteria and securing professionals to assist with product liability.

Robert Williamson, Research

Bio molecular scientist, Robert adds significant credibility to our team in the area of research and development for our product development. Robert’s has 20 years working with numerous biotechnology companies concentrated in the field of autoimmune mediated Inflammatory diseases.

Tricia Schuster RN, RYT
Patient and caretaker educator, Tricia assists with community and education outreach programs. Credentials: Board member Medical Advisory Cannabis Care Centers, Provider Engagement Manager for Knox Cultivator/Processor/Dispensary, Medical Cannabis Community Outreach Program at The Herbal Clinic MD., Tampa General Hospital, Mayo Clinic and Anchor Healthcare Advocates.